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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Jul 9, 2021

Here we are! - Together for the 100th episode with Dick Schwartz.

Dick has always been supportive and kind to me- from meeting him when I came out of a consultation group and he was standing in a hallway alone, to an unfortunate situation at a conference.  He has been open and available for this podcast, and I am so grateful.

Dick has a new book out this week called "No Bad Parts," which we planned to talk about. And we do- a little bit.

What happened during our chat was we just started catching up. Then this transitioned to us both sharing some things 'off the record.'

And, of course, Dick does not want to just TALK about the model- he wants to do it. So he says to me, "We can do a little piece of work if you want ..." How could I not agree!?

So, that is what a big piece of this episode is- a demo of the model. You get to hear Dick doing the model and you get to hear me working with my parts.

My hope for you is that you are able to go down your own trailheads as you listen. My hope for you is you learn something about this model. My hope for you is you get to witness the founder of IFS facilitate a session. 

Here is a bit of an outline:

- Checking in

- Trailheads

- Dick's 'obsessed with IFS' part

- Demonstration of the Model (from about 15 minutes until about 40 minutes)

- The book- No Bad Parts

- Bigger Plans for IFS

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