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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Jan 31, 2020

I wish I could express how full and amazing this episode is with Natalia.

Here are just some of the gifts she offers and topics we cover:

- Parts are always in fight or flight; our protective system is engaged. Breath practices with Kundalini yoga help the manual activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. They help activate Self energy (calm, clear minded, confident, creative, etc.).

- Playing small.

- Expansion and Contraction.

- Importance of daily Three Minute practices.

- Fists of Anger- breath, movement, mantra. Allows the angry parts (or any intense emotion) to speak and have a voice. Bring this up (and other parts who wish to speak) intentionally and then clear them by bringing up Self energy, calming the nervous system and building internal connection.

- Age of Information to Age of Aquarius- this was fascinating! We are shifting from healing/answers coming from outside of us to inside. (Sound familiar my incredible IFS family?)

- Through Kundalini practices and technology we can get to a place quickly and effectively where we can heal and connect to ourselves. Natalia has seen quick transformation with sleep disruption, work difficulties, panic attacks, heartbreak and grief.

-  We can activate the conscious mind. We can activate and command Self energy to be present.

We tell lots of stories. We laugh. It is fun and interesting. We end with a one minute Meditation using the mantra 'satnam.'

Check out all Natalia is doing here:

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