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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Jan 26, 2024

On today's episode I welcome back Altogether Us author, Daphne Fatter.
Dr. Daphne Fatter is a licensed psychologist, certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist,
and IFS clinical consultant. She is also a certified ancestral lineage healing practitioner using Dr.
Daniel Foor’s method for ancestral healing....

Jan 19, 2024

On today's episode I chat with one of the Altogther Us authors, Marcella Cox.

Marcella Cox, LMFT, Certified IFS Therapist and Approved Clinical Consultant, Somatic IFS Therapist, Certified Body Trust Provider, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist - Supervisor specializes in treating disordered eating, body shame,...

Jan 5, 2024

On today's podcast I chat with Seth Kopald, author of the new book "Self Led."

Seth is a certified, level 3, Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practitioner. He holds a PhD in Organization Management with a Specialization in Leadership and a Masters in Education. His specialties include Self-led Parenting, Parts Art,...