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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Feb 19, 2021

On today's episode, I chat with Dr. Daphne Fatter, certified IFS therapist and a licensed psychologist in private practice in Dallas, Texas. She teaches workshops on white racial socialization for therapists, in addition to teaching on trauma treatment for TZK seminars. She is a trained facilitator by Challenging Racism...

Feb 12, 2021

On today's episode, I chat with Ty Cutner, an IFS Informed Relationship and Image Coach who has a passion for working with men. Ty will be hosting two panels with the Heirloom Summit.

You may know Ty from a Demo he did with Dick which is on the  Continuity Program in the IFS Diversity and Inclusion workshop. 

Link to...

Feb 5, 2021

On today's episode, I talk with Francesca Maxime', an IFS informed powerhouse!

Her passion is contagious and my hope is that you will take one of the MANY resources and challenges she gives to 'accept your assignment' while giving ALL of your parts (including your racist parts) compassion and care. 

One of my favorite...