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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Jun 17, 2022

On today's podcast I chat with Brian Jaudon, an IFS-trained coach who works with a wide range of clients from executives and entrepreneurs to shamans and creatives.

Brian has led two highly successful IFS and Coaching courses and has been around the IFS world for a long time. We chatted a few times offline when I started the podcast a few years ago so I love that he is the last guest for season 3.

We have a sweet conversation- the best kind I think for the podcast- it has a lot of interesting information about IFS, Gift Development, asking good questions, Contracting, working with Parts.

But the best part is the authentic connection and the conversation that flows so naturally from that. I'm so grateful to him and to all the guests and listeners who make this so fun and rewarding. 

Check out all the great things Brian has coming up here- especially his own coaching institute!

Brian Jaudon, Senior Team Development Coach, Greenville, SC

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Brian says the right question at the right moment is a key that unlocks a lock. Then we give space to experience the ripple that comes from it.

We chatted afterwards about ALL the things and he did this for me- he asked the right question, in the right moment and let silence sit for a minute. The question and the curiosity I have about it continues to ripple.

I'll see you in the fall for season 4....