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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Feb 12, 2021

On today's episode, I chat with Ty Cutner, an IFS Informed Relationship and Image Coach who has a passion for working with men. Ty will be hosting two panels with the Heirloom Summit.

You may know Ty from a Demo he did with Dick which is on the  Continuity Program in the IFS Diversity and Inclusion workshop. 

Link to the Demo HERE!

If that link does not work try this one :)

I just want to note how HUGE it is that Dick (and Sara Oberg at the IFS Institute!) allowed us to have access to this link.

We talk about the polarizations from the demo and what has happened in his system since then. Ty is vulnerable and his story is painful and beautiful. It is full of hope and motivation.

Ty continues to talk about his younger exiles throughout this episode. And, I continue to ASK- I have STRONG mothering parts who WILL NOT UNBLEND. I still notice them as I interact with Ty even now.

Ty talks about his experience and lessons learned with an ice bath in Maine. Our internet connection is not the best during this story which is about the first 8 minutes of the episode.... it gets better.

Around the 30 minute mark Ty shares his thoughts about racism.

At the 40 minutes mark we talk about how Ty is coaching men on their image and shares his own discovery of why image is so important.

Ty talks about The Gentlemen's Factory, a social club for men of color where he's a founding member in Brooklyn, NY.

Connect with Ty on Instagram and Facebook or on Ty's Image Coach Website

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