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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Mar 20, 2020

Julia S. and I planned to meet to talk about IFS and Addiction but that is not what happened. A lot of our plans are getting changed these days and it is causing a lot of our parts to react.

Two days before our recorded podcast, Julia's County was ordered to 'Shelter in Place' due to the Coronavirus. This morning as I am writing this, two days after our meeting, all of California is now following the same order.

It sounds like this epi is doom and gloom but it is not! Julia offers us hope and laughter. As someone well connected to the recovery community, she offers us pertinent terms as "avoid the deliberate manufacture of misery" and "pick up spiritual tools laid at my feet and use them." This sounds like IFS to me: parts who feel afraid and go to what worked to calm us in the past and Self who says I am here with you.

She asks, "Am I listening to my Self as much as I'm listening to my Parts?" She walks through looking at her/our current situation through the lens of the 8 Cs: what does clarity say, what does compassion say, etc.

Julia created an incredible IFS resource where she expands on the definitions of the 8 C's of Self leadership and uses a radar image as an assessment tool. Email me at if you want a copy!

Enjoy and take care-



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