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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Mar 12, 2021

On today's podcast I chat with Seth Kopald, IFS Practitioner. This is Seth's second appearance on the podcast!

He has a PhD in organizational leadership and has a long history in education. He is Level 3 trained in IFS and is well known for his presence on the IFS and Parenting and Arts Facebook pages. He also stars in the IFS Parenting webinar videos put out by the Foundation for Self Leadership.

On this podcast, we wanted to talk about Spirituality and Self. Of course, we talk about SO MANY things!

We chat about:

- Incorporating IFS into your spiritual practices

- Being aware of Spiritual Bypass

- Deepening our Understanding of Self Energy

- Connected with Guides

- When supernatural becomes common enough to be natural

- Moving from our Head to our Heart (this was beautiful!)

At the end, Seth stresses the importance of a daily practice- checking in with Self energy.

Check out many of Seth's offerings here:

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