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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Nov 22, 2019

Heidi and I chat like long time girlfriends about body image, self approval, and eating disorders. Heidi has developed an incredible idea (and book!) she calls 'reclaiming beauty' which says we have disconnected from our original beauty (Self). And, we can reconnect, coming back into our bodies when safety, compassion, and curiosity are present.

Heidi defines self approval as allowing ourselves to have boundaries and space from what other people are reflecting... helping us know, and be and reflect our own authentic Self, our Original Beauty. 

She blows my mind- which you can tell because I bring it back up a few times- with the idea that the part who obsesses about the body actually uses it as a distraction from an exile (a younger, vulnerable part). The body obsessed part can be a firefighter (what?!).

We talk a lot about eating disorders- common beliefs of exiles and common protector strategies. We both share personal stories of being called 'Sensitive' and wonder what would be different if we/others/society valued this as a superpower, a gift to be treasured.

Go right now and check out Heidi's website to get her book and the cards. I cannot speak highly enough of the cards- they are beautiful and can be used in many ways. Try using them as parts mapping or drawing one a day for inspiration and grounding.

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