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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Nov 25, 2022

On today's episode I chat with Madeline Gibson, a Level 3 IFS practitioner and coach living in Lake Como, Italy.

Madeline owns and runs Lake Como Wellness, a wellness events and retreat business. She is soon to launch her podcast, "There’s a Part of Me", for the IFS curious, and in the new year will launch a range of free resources around ‘middle lane drinking’ through the IFS lens.

Middle Lane drinkers are those who haven't 'hit rock bottom' but feel curious about what life would be like without alcohol. Madeline is almost five years sober after going through that lifestyle transformation herself, shorting before meeting Dick Schwartz on retreat in northern Italy.

You can reach out to Madeline on Instagram or email


Madeline encourages us to be curious as we consider that our drinking parts are destined for greater, more Self led roles. She gives 4 reflective questions or journal prompts to deepen our own connection to our internal world. 

She says that as long as parts are stuck in protective roles they are not living into their full potential.

Check out her website where you can download an ebook, "Middle Lane Drinking: An IFS Approach." Welcome to the IFS Coach - The World needs all of you


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