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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Nov 16, 2019

I fangirl embarrassingly hard with Sacha Mardou, a brilliant comic who is using her gifts to show her own internal work in IFS. Plus, she has a lovely accent.

She hopes comics will demystify IFS, and she publishes a new IFS comic every week on Instagram at MsMardou. She suggests pictures and words give the reader a more immersive experience which I found to be true when I read Sky in Stereo.

She began drawing IFS comics as a way to process her own experience with her parts in therapy. Comics have helped her do 'parts work' and to "befriend the noise inside."

She gives a few recommendations (writer secrets!) to help us be more creative and disciplined. She describes art as "time spent in flow... and flow feels like Self."

Sacha's desire is to get IFS into the world. We are both in full agreement of that mission.

To get her books "Sky In Stereo, volume one and two":

Follow her on Instagram and check out these comics! A brilliant way to show, teach, and begin to experience IFS. I think you may even discover some trailheads:

AND! To get a $100 off your own brand new website OR to check out all their available therapist resources: