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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Sep 18, 2020

Marushka Glissen, an assistant trainer with the IFS Institute is returning to the podcast to talk about one of her other passions, marriage (See episode 33 for our first chat about Legacy Burdens).

Here is a bit of an outline of the show:

1. Gratitude towards partner (esp during Covid)

2. Appreciation of partner (again, Covid)

3. Complications in 2nd marriages and blended families

4. Adult children dealing with intense feelings of loss and avoidance parts (We pause to deal with my parts who are triggered... this is about 23-28 min mark. 

5. Guilty parts in 2nd marriages

6. 'Do you want to be right or do you want to experience closeness and love'

7. Using phrases "In my opinion"/"From my perspective"

8. Partners often ask us to stretch... we are better for it

9. Seeing pain (exile) behind partners 'a-hole' behaviors (protector)

10. How to stay when it is really hard? Or separate in a connected way.

11. Five practical tips on communication (about 50 min)

12. Embracing the Suck (the parts of my partner I don't like)

13. Be Curious, Not Furious

I share way too much personal information in this episode- about my family of origin (a blended family) and about my marriage. I took a long time editing this and checking with my parts about how comfortable they felt putting this out there. So, here it is. I may take it down immediately ;)

Marushka's website entitled Relationship Visions