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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Apr 23, 2021

On today's episode I talk with Molly Lacroix, a certified Level 3 IFS therapist, about her new book, "Restoring Relationship: Transforming Fear into Love Through Connection."

I love this title so much I keep repeating it throughout the show...


1. Reasons she wrote the book

2. Her introduction and journey with IFS

3. IFS and Christian Spirituality

4.  Outline of the book:

- Judging, legalism and over reliance on cognitive parts

- Why are we so vulnerable? (development and attachment)

- The way forward (IFS)

- IFS with common causes of distress

5. Her Breast Cancer journey

6. Finding connection in the social media/publishing 'game'

7. A New Spiritual Practice (loving ourselves, unblending)

8. How IFS and Christianity Enhance one another

9. New book project: How to Heal Our Divides. Her chapter is How IFS Helps Heal our Inner Divides.

Check it out here:

Connect with Molly here: and on Facebook and Instagram.

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