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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

May 1, 2024

This is a re-release of Season 2 Ep. 65 with Paul Neustadt. To find the Free Webinar and register for the four-week workshop from Life Architect, go to:

Free webinar: Working with Therapist Parts to Access Self in IFS Therapy (

IFS: Therapeutic Relationship and Power of Presence by Paul Neustadt (


On today's episode I chat with Paul Neustadt, a lead trainer with the IFS Institute. Paul has such a warm, engaging teaching style and I just loved our conversation.

Paul's answer to the last question, "What would you do instead?" may be my new life goal or at least a daily intention.

We discuss:

1. Creating our own inner circle - when you have a hard time accessing compassion (or Self)

2. Impacts of individualism (our culture) on our parts

3. Tapping into our own inner wisdom

4. The Gifts of our Exiles

5. Paul demonstrates Direct Access with one of my manager parts

6. Degrees of Blending

7. Inviting exiles (the younger parts of us) to 'tune into their true nature, who they really are'

8. Relational Heart Based Activism

9. When Self energy seems impossible. "What is this thing called Self and how do I get it!?"


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Jeff Schrum co-produces The One Inside Podcast. He is currently enrolled in an IFS Level 1 training. 


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Tammy is grateful for Jack Reardon who created music for the podcast. Jack is a graduate of Derek Scott’s IFS Stepping Stones Program. You can follow Jack at bonzemusic on Instagram


This episode is sponsored by Life Architect. As the IFS Institute's international partner, they organize IFS training and online workshops about IFS and other therapy modalities for those new to IFS and experienced practitioners alike. Life Architect is committed to advancing the professional development of mental health professionals around the world.