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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Jun 19, 2020

I'm soooo excited about this episode where I chat with Dr. Angela Huebner, a triple threat therapist, writer, speaker. She is very smart and very warm, two attributes I greatly admire.

We talk about the 'why' behind all the weird questions we ask in IFS. My only regret is I didn't ask her more about this! We shift over to talk about Lifeforce Yoga and 'breathing to shift emotion' at about the 40 minute mark. As I was editing this I was like, "Oh no! That is it, I want more!"

Angela calls our ability to Focus our superpower and explains- in a way that makes sense I promise!- the quantum physics behind this important question (focus on where you feel that in your body, focus on that part, etc.).

Angela explains what is happening in our brains and bodies when we retrieve an exile (really! Isn't that interesting!?).

We talk about memory and the brain and longing and spirituality. It is so good.

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