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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Dec 11, 2020

On today's episode, I chat with Dorothea Hrossowyc and Ingrid Helander.  Ingrid and Dorothea along with Tyler Haaren, Joya Lonsdale, Julia Sullivan, and Paula Shulman led a workshop on "Healing Racism From the Inside Out, Unburdening our Parts around Race and Racism", at the 2016 IFS Annual Conference,  and were a part of the plenary session, along with Tyler, Joya and Donna Dellal-Ferme at the 2017 IFS Annual Conference titled Self-Led Activism. Releasing Your Inner Change Agent. 

I encourage you to listen and observe your own parts' reactions. Use these as trailheads to do your own work and meet the younger parts of you who hold pain.

We talk about this book a lot-- check out this article:

They share their own personal stories and their experiences working with their racist parts.

What is said over and over is the power of the model to heal, and the importance of following the trailheads of our own racism to get to our exiles and our own ancestors and legacy burdens.

We talk about so much- indigenous peoples, polyvagal theory, classism, capitalism, grief and shame. And, we laugh... I promise. 

Read about The Dakota 38 here

Ingrid has an ebook/workbook that uses IFS and Polyvagel theory to help people with chronic worry. It is found at 

She also will be offering a mastermind membership in 2021 to help people move from worry and self-doubt to calm self-confidence. For more information, sign up for her newsletter at Ingrid's website

Dorothea is available to work with you around Unburdening our Racists Parts or Parts Affected by Racism.

She also offers workshops on Working with Anxiety to Release Unconscious Limiting Thoughts, Working with Anger or Angry Parts as a Powerful Tool, Setting your Internal GPS... Your I-GPS, and Healing Parts around Boundaries. Find out more about Dorothea and her offerings at her website here

We talk about several handouts which you can get by contacting her. Email her to receive "The Concrete Work of Eliminating Your Racism" which is a list of trailheads at

And, as always, come say Hi to me @ifstammy on Instagram and Twitter or at The One Inside Facebook page. I love hearing from you.