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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Nov 24, 2023

On today's episode I chat with Valerie Louis, SEP, PhD who is a level 3 trained certified IFS practitioner. Valerie is passionate about working with therapists, practitioners, healers, and educators for personal and professional development.
We talk about:
- Spirituality and IFS as a Soul Tending process
- How practitioners can be 'better' and not get burned out
- What leading from curiousity and compassion means
- A possilbe 3rd element, not just the binary of Self and Part where personality and nervous system exist
- IFS being in the realm of the Healer and in the spiritual world, not just an evidence based practice
- How IFS is suited to root us out of compulsory culture and into living a life that is more in line with our desires and nature (here would be things like relationship structures, communication styles, neurodivergent, autistic, and the concept that continual self and regulation is not the goal.)
I LOVED the spiritual focus and FEELING this conversation left me experiencing. Valerie talks about living, existing, and BEING as if there is no divide between our spiritual life, our spiritual practices, and our daily life. Because there really is not.
But the focus really is on seeing IFS as a soul tending process, as something sacred and miraculous.
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Tammy is grateful for Jack Reardon who created music for the podcast. Jack is a graduate of Derek Scott’s IFS Stepping Stones Program. You can follow Jack at bonzemusic on Instagram.