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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

May 21, 2021

On today's episode I chat with Mary Kruger, a lead trainer with the IFS Institute and one of the developers of the Level Two Addiction training.

Mary shares her own story of finding IFS and her personal experience of the healing power of its integration with the 12 step model.

We talk SO MUCH about Shame.

We talk about the 12 steps as a Spiritual Path and working with parts who have difficulties with 12 step programs.

We talk about addiction as 'disease' and where this idea comes from. Disease is disharmony; IFS restores harmony.

We talk about family and trauma.

We talk about the connection and shame reducing power of group work.

Mary talks about looking inside, even though a part may fear the badness and shame that may be found there, and the healing when we take back in who we are truly intended to be.

She says that curiousity and compassion are our biggest healing agents.


Connect with Mary at Marykruger@sbcglobal. net or on her website: Home Page (


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