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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Oct 22, 2021

I'm super excited to welcome back to the podcast my friend, Jenna Riemersma. Jenna and I were chatting about her concept of 'Moving Towards' and decided to do another episode together. Jenna is such an amazing teacher, and I am thrilled that she shares her wisdom with us. 

I felt so much Self energy and calmness in the middle of the podcast I forgot to ask about her 'Three Steps!'. Thankfully, she reminded my parts who got back online quickly.

Here is an outline:

- Burdened parts move against

- Move against in our culture (politics, covid)

- The Power of the Self and the IFS model

- The 8 C qualities of Self= What Love does and What Love looks like

- Move towards starts with me then moves to we

- Living a Move Toward kind of life - especially in our advocacy

- Betrayal Trauma (Jenna explains the role of parts for both parties)

- Psychological theories and Trauma

- Attachment (External and Internal) ---This is SO GOOD!

- Three Steps of Moving Towards

- All Together You - her book about Moving towards in Faith Communities


I took so many notes.

Check out her website for SO MANY free resources:

Jenna Riemersma - Jenna Riemersma

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Jenna says, "We are way more than the Burden of One (or some) of our parts. We are the Self behind that."