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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Dec 20, 2019

Today I chat with Barbara Holtzman, author of "Conscious Eating Conscious Living."

I took so many notes! I also overshared. My manager parts are thrilled with the notetaking, not so much with the oversharing.

Here are just a few of my notes, you'll have to listen for the oversharing:

-Food is the parts attempt to solve the problem.

-Food was/is accessible and quick.

-Parts use food as medicine, it was the only resource available.

-If the food is the only thing that will help, use it and feel it calming you- feel it calming your nervous system with no judgement or shame.

-2 minute pause

-Scale your desire for that treat.

-Is sugar addictive? Barbara says we can have a sugar sensitivity.

-Tapping as a coping skill- EFT (emotional freedom technique).

-How is this food trying to help?

-What part is eating (or ask Who is eating? Who has the craving and what may that part need from Me/Self?)

-Body image.  How can I reconnect to my body and its wisdom?

-"Disconnection from our body was knowing we needed to do that in order to keep our connection with our parents because that was our safety."

-Eat for mouth satisfaction and to MATCH what my body wants.

-Importance of tracking what prompts eating and what my body feels like during and after.

-See tracking as experiments, all with curiosity and compassion.

Barbara is kind and brilliant. Many of my parts wanted to sit at her feet and learn. She is offering two of her articles to The One Inside Listeners!!! Email her at and let her know you heard her on TOI.

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