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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

May 7, 2021

On todays episode, I chat with Nic Wildes about 'Is Gender a Part?' Nic spoke on this topic at the 2018 IFS Annual Conference and that is where we met -also when I decided my next step was to start a podcast :)

Nic Wildes, LMHC (Pronouns: they/them/theirs) is a White queer nonbinary Certified IFS therapist based in the Boston area. They are in private practice and are co-director of SAYFTEE, a
group practice devoted to working with LGBTQI+ people and their loved ones. Nic is especially passionate about how IFS can be used to empower queer, transgender, nonbinary, and gender
diverse people.
Nic offers individual and group consultation. They have recently started IFS consultation groups for those wanting to connect and learn in LGBTQI+ affinity. SAYFTEE, their group practice, is also
a great resource for LGBTQI+ people, families and clinicians wanting more connection. SAYFTEE is currently expanding their training capacity to support more folks providing gender affirming care and have a lot they are doing to create community locally.
Nic is also looking to connect and build community with other trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive IFS therapists /practitioners. If this applies to you, they would love to hear from you.


We talk -Nic is wise and I ramble...- about:

Nic's story

All of our own experiences of gender

"Who can I be in what spaces"

Gender messages we ALL get as kids

Laws and Violence against Transgender women

Pronouns (The trauma of being misrecognized)

Trans Visibility (In History and Movies)

Camp for kids

Get curious about our own experience with gender

'There is something wrong with me.'


Nic can be reached at

To find out more about Nic and the meditation we discuss go to:

Resources | Nic Wildes, LMHC

The camp info:

Camp Aranu'tiq of Harbor Camps for Transgender Youth (

The podcast we talk about:

‎The Laverne Cox Show: Moving Beyond the Gender Binary w/ ALOK on Apple Podcasts

The documentary, Disclosure:

THE FILM — DISCLOSURE: Documentary by Sam Feder and Amy Scholder (

Their Group Practice:


Follow them on Instagram @sayftee
Facebook: SAYFTEE
Twitter: @SAYFTEEBoston


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