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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Apr 8, 2022

On today's episode, I talk with Melissa Mose, MA, LMFT, who is a Level 3 trained Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist and a graduate of the Advanced Behavioral Therapy Training Institute. She specializes in treating anxiety disorders and OCD and has had a private practice in southern California for nearly 30 years.


*Check out Melissa's website here:

Upcoming Workshops and Groups - Melissa Mose, LMFT (

*Melissa will be speaking at this virtual conference:

OCDSoCal – An Affiliate of the International OCD Foundation

*Here is the information for Melissa's new consult group:

IFS Consultation Group: Treating OCD and Related Disorders

Beginning May 13th 2022, second and fourth Friday of each month
12pm – 2pm
Cost is $85 per consultation group
Initial consultation required to be sure our group is right for you

While obsessive compulsive disorder is extremely treatable, is a notoriously difficult diagnosis that many clinicians struggle to work with effectively. Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) is considered the standard for treating OCD, but many clients and therapists seek a more compassionate approach to treatment. As a Level 3 trained and certified IFS clinician, and the President of OCD SoCal, I have developed an integrative method to treat OCD and related disorders within an IFS framework.

This bi-weekly IFS Consultation Group will:

  • Increase your IFS skills and confidence when working with OCD
  • Work with your own Therapist Parts to build more creativity, compassion, curiosity, and courage into your practice
  • Build connections and gain feedback from other IFS clinicians and colleagues
  • Improve competency in working with severe OCD and related disorders
  • Experience and/or witness the model through role play practice with Melissa
  • Get your IFS, OCD, and related questions answered by an expert in both domains


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