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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Sep 11, 2020

Welcome back! Here we are - season 2.

On today's episode, I chat with Leon Silvers, founder of Drag Therapy and STAR of Drag Heals (well, he is the star of epi 2, season 2).

I'm curious how your parts reacted to the title of this episode. I imagine some of your parts are like, 'What is that?' And some are like, 'Oh, gosh.' And some are like, 'How fun!'

I hope you can be with all those parts, those voices inside, and listen to this episode. I promise it is FULL of creativity and energy and fun.

I was surprised about what Drag therapy is and what it isn't. I was surprised by how open and creative I began to feel just talking to Leon. 

Here are some of the gems inside the episode:

- Expansive play (how this helps me appreciate one of my critics)

- Freedom and creativity

- Opening up to all the parts inside

- Power of embodying parts and giving them voice

- Using fiction to allow 'managers' to loosen up (Meet my manager Tom the lawyer who is dressed in a suit- about 20 min mark)

- Wilderness therapy and playing with 'category' (about 40 min mark)

Check out:

Leon's website

Drag therapy website

Leon's episode of Drag Heals (season 2, epi 2), coming out in October

TED talk with Amy Cuddy about the Superman pose (part of me thinks there may have been some controversy around her after this?)

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Enjoy (and welcome back!)