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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Dec 31, 2019

She's a seeker. She's a dancer.

She grew up in NYC in the midst of therapy culture with many "shoulds" and a bundle of grief and loss.

Real healing happened for her while dancing to Prince alone in her bedroom, the place she felt connected to her body, to feelings, to imagination and creativity, to who she was authentically. Meaning, dancing connected Adrienne to her Self.

She talks about her move from NYC to LA, a move from therapy to coaching.

She has such a heart for healers and believes a lot of healers are caretakers in their family who have an intuitive knowing of how to help. She finds the parts coming up with clients are the ones coming up in everyday life so consultation and therapy are intertwined- similar parts come up in all of our relationships!

She describes an ongoing parallel process of being a wounded healer, finding healing for herself and then bringing that to her clients. For healers who have strong striver, doing, go-go-go, scarcity parts (like me and her!), she reminds us that these parts have amazing gifts. If parts are here (even the 'bad' ones), they are here for a good reason.

Her work is about "Embodied Creativity" which is integrating creativity, spirituality, and purpose making into IFS work, in and out of the therapy space. In movement, we become friends with sensations in the body and protectors soften. Her passion is intertwining parts work, playfulness, and meditation. She has found a home with IFS as all of her passions come together. 

She reminds us of the importance of REST and creating sacred spaces where creativity can flow through. Then motivation and productivity can come from a different place. She suggests we ask parts daily how they would like to rest, to move, and to be.

She encourages us to seek what it is like to embody Self. This felt sense memory is a powerful practice to keep coming back to and relying on.

Adrienne never stopped dancing alone in her room, she never stopped her first form of meditation practice.

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Let me know what your word is for 2020 - to find out my word this year (and last!) you gotta listen.


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