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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Apr 19, 2024

On today's episode I chat with Dr. Frank Anderson about his new memoir, "To Be Loved." A beloved psychiatrist and leader in the IFS community, this is Frank's third appearance on the podcast.

We talk about:

Unexpected Impact of a vulnerable personal memoir vs his other clinical themed books (3:05)

Separation of Self from intelligence Parts- "I am not just my Smart part" (3:31)

Love and disconnection from self and others (5:33)

Childhood trauma memories and healing experience with mom (11:11)

Experience of love (12:19)

Forgiveness of father and himself (17:25)

Reconciliation vs. forgiveness (19:32)

Impact on and from his siblings (22:21)

Writing as healing - he encourages writing your "moments that made me" for healing (25:54)

Music and healing - how music helped his healing journey and influenced his chapter titles (32:01)

Bringing trauma healing to more people with new initiatives like the Trauma Institute  (39:15)


* The full video of this episode is available on  The One Inside Podcast - YouTube


Find out more about Frank here: Trauma Blocks Love. Love Heals Trauma. (


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