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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Mar 4, 2022

On today's podcast I chat with Christopher Gray and Yaniv Rose. Chris and Yaniv run IFS and Authentic relating groups and courses that are wildly popular.

Chris is a leadership development consultant, helping teams move from protection to connection, candor with curiosity, and creativity. His 20 year career as a Product Leader in Silicon Valley informs his mission in life: to end corporate suffering. He's a certified Authentic Relating facilitator and the co-developer of "The ART of IFS", which combines the practices of Authentic Relating with IFS to deepen and expand our connection with ourselves and others.

Yaniv is a L2 Trained IFS practitioner and coach, he's also a trained Authentic Relating Facilitator, currently in the process of Certification with ART International. He is the co-creator of "The ART of IFS" and he's passionate about love-fertilizing people's valuable and unique self expression, so that they in turn can serve others transformation, as well as their own.


We talk about:

- The 5 practices of Authentic Relating

- As without, so within

- Our body is always Truthing

- Revealing as a tool for awareness, growth, and revelation of parts

- Loving attention as the single most powerful force in the universe


Mostly we model this beautiful practice of Authentic Relating and IFS: speaking for parts, speaking for what is happening between us in the moment.

They say AR is a meditation for what is here.

The episode is a bit long but so worth it- the last 10 minutes we play an AR game and invite you to do the same.


To join their next course or find more information about Authentic IFS go to: SALES PAGE | The Art of IFS (

To get my new book The One Inside: 30 Days to Your Authentic Self go to : Home - The One Inside-by Tammy Sollenberger