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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Jun 26, 2020

Dr. Ed Yeats and I chat about IFS, Shamanism, and Tibetan Buddhism. Weaved into our conversation from beginning to end is attunement and synchronicity. We attune to our parts, to one another, to nature, to our own spiritual journey. Synchronicity is an interesting and fascinating part of our journey.

This is a long one so here is a bit of an outline:

1. Tuning in, like to stations of a radio

2. "I'm still an oak tree."

3. From spiritual seeker to finder: American Shamanism, Soul Retrieval, and Soul Loss

 4. IFS is a form of Shamanism

5. Exposure to IFS- can't help loving it

6. Power animals

7. Self as the Shaman. Guides and Guidance.

8. God, Self, Parts or Guides?

9. Ed's information

Last 20 plus minutes:

10. Parallels between IFS and Tibetan Buddhism

11. Spiritual Bypassing

12. Our own beliefs systems impact on the work

13. What I said to Dick when we were alone in a hallway for about 10 seconds (this was a few years ago before he and I did our podcast)


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