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The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Jun 11, 2021

On today's episode I chat with Liz Phillips. Liz comes to couples therapy after four decades of observing and experiencing couple disconnection, and one decade training in couples work to ensure she could be of service. She completed her Level 1 in IFS and Level 2 in IFIO and now runs IFIO-informed workshops to introduce the model to other couples therapists. IFIO stands for Intimacy from the Inside out, and it is the 'couples division' of IFS.

Currently based in Toronto, Liz is a self proclaimed coffee snob, a committed IFIO advocate, and a lover of rescue dogs.

Liz sent me a book in the mail after we recorded this podcast so she is my new best friend. I feel seen.

We talk about:

Emotional Focused Therapy



Parts in relationship

You turns (Liz gives detailed explanation- so good.)

Finding My Soul's Home (in IFIO and IFS)


Liz shares her own personal story of searching and finding her soul's home, and she is vulnerable about her parts and her relationships.

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Liz Phillips Therapy

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